July 1975

After completing a degree in history at the Polytechnic of North London, Neil takes a job at Marvel Comics, anglicizing spellings and indicating where over-risque woman needed to be redrawn decently. While there he interviews comic fan Marc Bolan, who politely points out that his tape recorder wasn't working. In 1977 he works at Macdonald Educational Publishing, later moving to ITV Books. In June 1982, he joins Smash Hits.

On This Day


'Jealousy' (re-recorded with a full orchestra) is released as a single.


Neil records new vocals for 'Happiness Is an Option.'


The Pet Shop Boys perform in Chicago.


They perform in Manchester—the fifth consecutive sold-out date on their current tour.


The Boys' second night opening for Take That at the Sunderland Stadium of Light.

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