August 1983

Neil is sent to New York by Smash Hits to interview The Police. By this time the Pet Shop Boys are obsessed by a stream of hi energy records made by New York producer Bobby Orlando, known as Bobby O'. "I thought well, if I've got to go and see The Police play then I'm also going to have lunch with Bobby O'". Neil and Bobby O share a cheeseburger and carrot cake at a restaurant called The Apple Jack on August 19th (two years to the day since Neil and Chris met) and Bobby O', flatered by Neil's compliments, suggests making a record with the Pet Shop Boys.

On This Day


Liza Minnelli finishes recording her vocals for Results.


'Before' is released as a single.


Chris and Neil begin recording 'The Only One.'


The Boys have their first meeting with Brian Higgins of Xenomania. They're considering asking him to produce their next album.


The Pet Shop Boys take part in shooting the video for their upcoming single 'Did You See Me Coming?'


Tonight's preview show (which is sold out) at London's Union Theatre is the first performance in that city in 14 years of the PSB/Jonathan Harvey stage musical Closer To Heaven.

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