April 1984

The first version of 'West End girls' is released. It is a club hit in Los Angeles and San Francisco and a small hit in France and Belgium.

April 1984

October 1984

They make their first ever stage appearance at the Fridge Nightclub in Brixton, singing and playing over tapes.

On This Day


At the 32nd Annual Grammy Awards show this evening in Los Angeles, Liza Minnelli is one of several artists who receive the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences 'Living Legends' Award. Just before she is presented with the award, Liza performs 'Losing My Mind' as produced by the Pet Shop Boys.


Neil records the vocals for 'Home' (which will later become 'Here'), after which he goes jogging while Chris continues work on the instrumental backing.


The Boys spend the whole day working on 'Memory of the Future,' including the recording of a new vocal by Neil.

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