April 1984

The first version of 'West End girls' is released. It is a club hit in Los Angeles and San Francisco and a small hit in France and Belgium.

April 1984

October 1984

They make their first ever stage appearance at the Fridge Nightclub in Brixton, singing and playing over tapes.

On This Day


Derek Jarman records in his diary, 'Neil Tennant and his friend Jay arrive for tea.'


Chris and Neil take part in shooting the video for 'Paninaro '95.'


'Somewhere' is released as a single.


The Boys perform in Leipzig, Germany.


They begin work on two brand new songs, 'Shouting in the Evening' and 'Give It a Go.'


Despite an earlier attempt to persuade them to cancel the show in protest of Israel's policies with regard to Palestinians, the Pet Shop Boys bring their Electric Tour show to Tel Aviv this evening.

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