April 1984

The first version of 'West End girls' is released. It is a club hit in Los Angeles and San Francisco and a small hit in France and Belgium.

April 1984

October 1984

They make their first ever stage appearance at the Fridge Nightclub in Brixton, singing and playing over tapes.

On This Day


The Pet Shop Boys are the focus of a feature story and interview in the latest issue (dated today) of the U.K. magazine Flipside.


'Minimal' is released as a single.


The live Cubism DVD is released in the United States, two months after it had been released in the U.K. and various other countries.


The Boys perform at Nottingham's Splendour Festival.


Let's hope they didn't develop writer's cramp: Neil and Chris sign 500 prints for the very limited special vinyl edition of The Most Incredible Thing.

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