7 November 2016
USA tour

Over the next ten days Pet Shop Boys will be playing the last few dates of their USA tour with concerts in Boston, New Jersey,  New York, Washington, Atlanta and Florida. Reactions to the tour have been fantastic from audiences and press with the Chicago Tribune calling the production "spectacularly effective", the Portland Spectrum raving about "an ecstatic 120 minutes" and the Salt Lake City Herald reviewer claiming the concert there to be "the best I've seen" in that city. Details of remaining concerts can be found at the first link below.

São Paulo
Pet Text
20 September 2017

A lot of fun was had in São Paulo tonight! Photo: Instagram/Espaço das Américas


Recent News

30 August 2017

'Yes' and 'Elysium' will be released on October 20th. 

Second set of Catalogue reissues announced
24 August 2017

Neil and Chris discuss ‘Catalogue’ in a three-part video series.

Neil and Chris discuss ‘Catalogue: 1985-2012’
12 August 2017

The PSB ballet in the USA.

The Most Incredible Thing
9 August 2017

Limited edition Pride t-shirt to celebrate Brighton Pride performance. 

Limited Edition Pride T-shirt
4 August 2017

Pet Shop Boys to headline Breakfest Festival in Medellin, Colombia

28 July 2017

The first batch of ‘Catalogue: 1985-2012’ reissues are out now.

27 July 2017

Pet Shop Boys discuss the 'Catalogue' reissues in an interview with The Times

13 July 2017

Neil discusses ‘Catalogue’, Pet Shop Boys’ most extensive series of reissues to date, with BBC Entertainment News. 

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