Neil, Marc and Stan Lee

Neil, Marc and Stan Lee

Read at the link below about Neil’s pre-PSB stint at Marvel Comics, meeting rock star Marc Bolan and the late Stan Lee.

The Quietus

Thirty years after its original release, The Quietus online magazine examines “Introspective”. Link below.

The Thing

“The Thing” is a new series of eight short films from Frieze magazine in which various artists each choose a single object of significance and discuss what makes it special. Neil reflects on a Bryan Ferry poster he saw in 1974 in a short film called “Sophis”. Link below.


I’ve signed a lot of books today! It’s available in bookshops (in the UK) from Thursday. Neil x (Links below to shops which have ordered some signed books.)

Small Steps charity auction

Small Steps charity auction

These shoes were worn by Neil while performing “The Pop Kids" on The Graham Norton Show in 2016. You can bid to buy them in a celebrity shoe auction to benefit the Small Steps Project which supports children around the world who live on rubbish dumps and survive from scavenging. The online auction starts on November 1st. Link below.

Quietus Podcast

The full recording of last night’s book discussion between Neil Tennant and Michael Bracewell at EartH Hackney is now available as a downloadable podcast from The Quietus at the link below. Apologies to anyone who had difficulty streaming the live event yesterday but heavy demand caused the server to crash.

Book event

Thanks to everyone who came to the book event tonight. Some excellent questions from the audience! Hope you enjoy reading the book and you can listen to a recording of the interview with Michael Bracewell at The Quietus website. Neil x

The Guardian

There’s an interview in The Guardian with Neil discussing his forthcoming book. Link below.

Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes. Much appreciated. Love, Chris xx


A short essay about PSB has been published in the latest issue of the monthly art magazine Frieze. Link below.

Tate Britain

Nice to attend the Tate Britain annual party and view of the Turner Prize show. Amazingly, it's 20 years since I was a Turner Prize judge! Neil x

Advance copy

Just received an advance copy of my book! Neil x


Enjoying the end of summer. Hope you are too! Neil x

Writing the next PSB album will continue this month when Chris and Neil return from holidays. They have been writing throughout the year and so far have 21 new songs. The new album will be produced by Stuart Price.


The Catalogue reissue series is now complete!


A beautiful city to play our last summer concert in. Was that the last Super show?? Neil x


Spotted in Soho, London, today.


Nice to meet DJ Darude at soundcheck in Helsinki. He’s playing before us tonight. Neil x

In the inner sanctum

In the inner sanctum

What an amazing experience last week in Covent Garden! Thanks to the Royal Opera House staff, the PSB creative team and crew and, of course, the wonderful audiences for four unforgettable euphoric nights. x

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