Don't buy tickets from Viagogo

Don't buy tickets from Viagogo

We have heard of several instances recently of fans being ripped off by secondary ticketing sites like Viagogo. Go to the Grimsby Telegraph link below to read a salutary tale of what can happen if you buy tickets from unauthorised ticket merchants. And only buy tickets for PSB shows from outlets recommended by this site.

7 June 2017

Pet Shop Boys announce ‘Catalogue: 1985-2012’, a series of reissues of their Parlophone studio albums. 

Catalogue: 1985-2012

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Pet Text
22 June 2017

Loved the party atmosphere in Blackpool last night! Apparently I was wearing a kilt…(see review link below). Looking forward to Nottingham tonight

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Pet Text
18 June 2017

Very heavy rain didn't stop the audience in Bergen last night from enjoying themselves and giving us a great reception! Tusen takk! Neil x (Photo from Instagram/Matt Ravenscroft)

Pet Text
13 June 2017

Very excited to be launching our new 'Catalogue' series of reissues this morning. Sorry there have been a few problems with Amazon, iTunes etc. Hopefully Warner Music will sort these out soon

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Pet Text
10 June 2017

Great first show of the summer tour! Thanks, Tel Aviv! Neil and Chris xx (Photo by Pete Gleadall)

Tel Aviv
Pet Text
9 June 2017

We're here and it's hot! Neil x

Pet Text
2 June 2017

Nice to be back working with these guys! Looking forward to touring through the summer. Neil x

Pet Text
23 May 2017

Grieving for Manchester and for all the victims of this savage attack last night. Love, Neil and Chris xx

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