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Pet Texts February 2012

29 February 2012

Format prize draw winners

The two original "Sodom and Gomorrah" jackets as worn in the 2006-7 Fundamental Tour have been won by Jill Graham from Bristol, UK, and Adam Embree from Kansas, USA. Congratulations to them and thanks to everyone who ordered their copy of "Format" from the store on this site.

Format prize draw

23 February 2012


Some guitar being played on a couple of tracks today. He's on the acoustic at the moment. Neil

20 February 2012

Morten Harket

Morten Harket, until recently the lead singer of Aha, will release a solo album in April which includes a new song by Tennant/Lowe. The album is called "Out Of My Hands" and the new song by Pet Shop Boys is entitled "Listening". Harket approached Pet Shop Boys in September last year and was offered the recently written ballad which Neil and Chris thought would suit his voice. More details about Harket's new album can be found at his website (link below).

Morten Harket official website

16 February 2012


This amazingly lavish old film is playing on the studio TV. It makes a great visual accompaniment to the music! Neil


15 February 2012

Today in LA

Neil "cutting" some vocals in the studio this afternoon. Chris

15 February 2012

Sunset Strip

Whitney Houston remembered on Sunset Strip this morning. Neil x

15 February 2012

In the studio

14 February 2012

Blue Sky

Happy Valentines everyone! Chris x

13 February 2012


Chris took this photo of me this afternoon by the side of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, designed by Frank Gehry, in downtown LA. Neil

Walt Disney Concert Hall

10 February 2012

Coming soon...

09 February 2012

More keyboards

And here are some more vintage keyboards we're using. Chris

09 February 2012


Here are some of the vintage keyboards we're using this week. Hope you're enjoying Format! Chris x

09 February 2012

Johann Johannsson

We went to a beautiful concert last night by the Icelandic composer/electronic artist Johann Johannsson with the Formalist String Quartet. You can listen to him at the link below performing for the radio station KCRW. Neil x

KCRW/Johann Johannsson

02 February 2012

Lumines Electronic Symphony

Pet Shop Boys are included on the new video game Lumines Electronic Symphony alongside many electronic music artists including LCD Soundsystem, Aphex Twin, Underworld, Air, Art Of Noise and the Chemical Brothers. Full details at the PlayStation link below.


01 February 2012

Don Cornelius RIP

Very sad news about the death of the legendary Don Cornelius, originator and presenter of "Soul Train". He was an important and respected figure in music and was very welcoming to us when we appeared on the show in 1986. It was such a thrill for us to be on "Soul Train". Neil x

New York Times
Wikipedia: Soul Train

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