Chris plays trombone in a seven-piece dance band wittily named One Under The Eight, who perform old-time popular favourites like "Hello Dolly", "La Bamba", and "Moon River".

On This Day


'Before' is released in 12-inch single format in the U.S.


The official PSB website announces that a new 'Greatest Hits' collection will be released in the autumn.


Chris and Neil make a surprise guest appearance with Yoko Ono at the Meltdown Festival in London. They perform the PSB mix of Yoko's 'Walking on Thin Ice.'


They perform in Copenhagen.


In the wee hours of the morning, the Boys perform as the closing headline act at the Hultsfred Festival in Sweden—a show marred somewhat by pouring rain.


Spinning off from 'Where the Wild Things Are,' Neil and Miranda Cooper turn it into a different song altogether that they call 'Dreaming.' It will soon evolve into 'More Than a Dream.'


Twenty years and three days since their Performance show in Dublin, the Boys are back there again on their current tour with Take That. This evening, however, they're free, so they visit a pub and enjoy a few beers with friends.

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