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New vinyl 12-inch release
23 September 2016

The 12-inch vinyl of ‘Say it to me’ is released today, September 23rd, with the following track-listing:
Side A
1. Say it to me (Real Lies remix)
2. Say it to me (Tom Demac remix)
Side B
1. Say it to me (Offer Nissim remix)
2. Say it to me (Stuart Price alternative mix) 
Click on the link below to order your copy from our official store. The 'Say it to me' CD single is currently sold out but will be back in stock on September 30th in the official store.

20 September 2016
Pet Shop Boys have produced an hour-long show for the Berlin-based radio station, Radio Eins, sequencing and introducing their choice of music. The show is part of a series entitled “Freundliche Übernahme” which also includes shows presented by The Edge and Stephen and Gillian of New Order.

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Radio Eins
16 September 2016
Pet Shop Boys new single, "Say it to me", is out today. The release includes two new tracks, “A cloud in a box” and “The dead can dance”, plus remixes by Real Lies, Tom Demac, Offer Nissim and Stuart Price.

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15 August 2016
Pet Shop Boys will release their new single ‘Say it to me’ on September 16th on digital and CD formats, including two new tracks, “A cloud in a box” and “The dead can dance”, plus remixes by Stuart Price, Real Lies, Tom Demac and Offer Nissim.

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The new single


New release

Say it to me

Pet Shop Boys

The third single from "Super", released on CD, digital and vinyl 12-inch formats.

Say it to me
  • October 13th, 2016
    Espacio Riesco Convention Center, Santiago, Chile
  • October 15th, 2016
    BUE Festival 2016, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • October 21st, 2016
    The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, NV, USA
  • October 22nd, 2016
    The Complex, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
  • October 24th, 2016
    Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • October 25th, 2016
    Keller Auditorium, Portland, OR, USA

More tour dates

On This Day


Very and Very/Relentless are released.


An Audience with Elton John, featuring the PSB duet with EJ of 'Believe/Song for Guy,' is broadcast on U.K. television.


'New York City Boy' is released as a single.


The Boys' classic Performance concert video (with various extras) is released on DVD in the U.K.


This would have been the date of a PSB concert at the famed Hollywood Bowl—except it had been unexpectedly canceled three weeks beforehand without any explanation.


The Pet Shop Boys bring their Electric Tour to Canada's southernmost city: Windsor, Ontario.

He's gone
You've lost
Stay behind
and count the cost
You try
You lose
You don't fall in love by chance
You choose

It's a decision
made over time
Should you take a risk
and start to climb
the steepest hill
only to find
halfway there
you've been left behind?

Choosing to love


Pet Texts

Number one
Pet Text
25 September 2016

"Say it to me" is number one in this week's Official Physical Singles Chart in the U.K. Link to the full Top 100 below.

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Chris Evans
Pet Text
15 September 2016

Neil and Chris will be guests on Chris Evans' Radio 2 show tomorrow morning between 8 and 9.30 am. Link to the show below.

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Jeff Koons
Pet Text
23 August 2016

I enjoyed the Jeff Koons show at the Newport Street Gallery in London this morning. Neil x

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Pet Text
19 August 2016

Good to see Cicero's album is being reissued in an expanded version including "Live For Today" from "The Crying Game" film soundtrack and many remixes

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This time last year in #LA, Neil joins @brandonflowers at @thewiltern for a surprise performance. #losangeles #duet #brandonflowers