14 January 2010
Pandemonium CD

Pet Shop Boys' new live CD, which will be released on February 15 as part of the "Pandemonium" doublepack DVD/CD, includes 17 songs from the show mixed by Stuart Price. These audio tracks will also be available to purchase separately as a digital download. The track-listing is: 1 More than a dream ⁄ Heart 2 Did you see me coming? 3 Pandemonium ⁄ Can you forgive her? 4 Love etc. 5 Go west 6 Two divided by zero 7 Why don’t we live together? 8 New York City boy 9 Always on my mind 10 Closer to Heaven ⁄ Left to my own devices 11 Do I have to? 12 King’s Cross 13 Suburbia 14 Se a vida é ⁄ Discoteca ⁄ Domino dancing ⁄ Viva la vida 15 It’s a sin 16 Being boring 17 West End girls These CD mixes are different from the DVD sound mix which was made by Dave Woolley. Details of the complete DVD/CD release can be found in the news item below.

Hong Kong
Pet Text
25 March 2019

30 years since they visited for the opening concert of their first tour, Pet Shop Boys are returning to Hong Kong. Link below to a new interview.

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Inner Sanctum

Recent News

25 March 2019

The first of four SE Asian Super shows is tonight.

Singapore show tonight
23 March 2019

Happy birthday to "Yes" which was officially released in the UK ten years ago today.

21 March 2019

Live Nation regret to announce that the Pet Shop Boys Bangkok show on Thursday 4 April 2019 is cancelled.

19 March 2019

The Super Tour of Asia starts in one week!

10 February 2019

Pet Shop Boys “Agenda” EP, four brand new songs, is now available to buy digitally.

8 February 2019

Pet Shop Boys release today “The forgotten child", the fourth and final song from their “Agenda” EP which is now available to stream, download or watch as lyric videos on YouTube from the links below.

7 February 2019

“What are we going to do about the rich?", described by Neil as "a sort of mock-protest song", is the third new song this week from Pet Shop Boys' upcoming “Agenda” EP, and is available now.

6 February 2019

Pet Shop Boys’ new song “On social media” is available now on streaming platforms. It is the second track from PSB’s upcoming “Agenda” EP, which is to be released digitally this Friday.

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