Elysium 2012

It seems incredible that it's now five years since we were in Los Angeles working on "Elysium" with producer Andrew Dawson and the beautiful voices of Oran, Maxine and Julie Waters. Neil x


I just discovered this Polaroid by Anton Corbijn taken in Holland Park (I think), 1993. Looks like we were having fun. Neil x

Creative Review

Creative Review magazine has included "Super" in its list of the best record sleeves of 2016. Link to the full list below.


Happy New Year! Love, Neil x


Farewell, 2016! Neil x

George Michael RIP

George Michael RIP

Dear George, gone too soon. It's so sad. Heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. Love, Neil and Chris x


Thinking of Berlin and all our friends there. Love, Neil and Chris x

We're going to be working on the annual issue of our magazine, Literally, next week and we'd like to answer some of your questions in it. If you have a question for us, send it in an email to info@beckerbrown.com with the subject "Letters" and you might find it answered in the next Literally. All emails must be received by midnight on Sunday, December 18th. Neil x

Super Tour

We had a great show in Moscow last night – the last date of the 2016 Super Tour. Thanks to everyone who came to see us and to our marvellous musicians and crew. Going home with a lot of good memories and looking forward to the UK and Paris dates in February. Merry Christmas! Neil x

Russian TV performances

Russian TV performances

Links below to both songs performed yesterday on the Russian TV show, "Vecherniy Urgant". Host Ivan Urgant pictured above.


Rehearsing for today's TV appearance in Moscow. (Photo by Pete Gleadall.)

Russian TV

Tonight we will be on the Вечерний Ургант show on Channel 1 in Russia being interviewed by Ivan Urgant and performing a song (with an extra song on the online version). Online link below. Neil x


It's minus 12 in Moscow but good to be back here. We're appearing on TV here tomorrow night and then have the final concert of the European tour on Thursday. Neil x


We've had a wonderful two nights at the Opera House in Copenhagen. Thanks to all concerned (particularly the audiences). Neil x Photo: Mikkel Fennestad (Instagram)


From The New Yorker magazine. Neil x


Posh venue tonight (and tomorrow): Copenhagen Opera House! Neil x

Albert Hall concert

Albert Hall concert

Tickets for this unique concert are now on sale! Link below.

New merchandise

Our new Super jacket! On sale at all our shows from now (and on this site soon). Neil x


On the roof of the new Elbphilharmonie building in Hamburg. We've just had a tour of this fantastic new concert hall. Very impressive. Neil x (Photo by Chris)

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