Loved the party atmosphere in Blackpool last night! Apparently I was wearing a kilt…(see review link below). Looking forward to Nottingham tonight. Neil x Photo: Instagram/Sarah Galasko


Very heavy rain didn't stop the audience in Bergen last night from enjoying themselves and giving us a great reception! Tusen takk! Neil x (Photo from Instagram/Matt Ravenscroft)

Very excited to be launching our new 'Catalogue' series of reissues this morning. Sorry there have been a few problems with Amazon, iTunes etc. Hopefully Warner Music will sort these out soon. PSB x


Great first show of the summer tour! Thanks, Tel Aviv! Neil and Chris xx (Photo by Pete Gleadall)

Tel Aviv

We're here and it's hot! Neil x


Nice to be back working with these guys! Looking forward to touring through the summer. Neil x

Upfront Club Chart

Upfront Club Chart

The Tuff City Kidz remixes of “Undertow” entered the Music Week Upfront Club Chart in the UK last week at number 22 and this week have moved up to number 13! UPDATE: The Tuff City Kidz mixes of "Undertow" have now moved up to number 7!

Grieving for Manchester and for all the victims of this savage attack last night. Love, Neil and Chris xx


A quick selfie while waiting for friends to arrive. Neil x


The announcement of the long-awaited new series of Catalogue reissues, including the track-listings of Further Listening bonus albums, has been delayed for a few weeks while a few minor copyright issues are being resolved. We now expect to make a full announcement later this month. Watch this space!

Bobby 'O' album

A cassette of the unreleased 1984 Bobby Orlando-produced PSB album. It was never finished – most of the tracks are rough mixes – but most of the songs were re-recorded and released over the next few years. Neil x

West End

A copy of the 1982 cassette we gave to record companies when we were West End not Pet Shop Boys. "Jealousy" was to have a future! Neil x

A present from Dusty

A present from Dusty

Lovely to come across this dedication in a book given to me as a Christmas present by Dusty Springfield (The International Design Yearbook 1990/91)! Neil x


Marketing meeting at Warner Music to discuss upcoming reissues. Full details later this month. Neil x

Royal Albert Hall

What a special night at the Albert Hall tonight! Thanks to Johnny Marr, the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and their conductor Dominic Wheeler, Sally Bradshaw, our fantastic six backing singers, Pete Gleadall and all our crew. And special thanks to everyone who came and supported the Teenage Cancer Trust. Neil xx Photo: Angela Becker


Today we're rehearsing backing vocalists for Sunday's Albert Hall concert. A couple of familiar faces among them (although not in this pic)… Neil x


The first issue of "Annually" (with "Undertow" CD) is shipping this week. If you ordered a copy, expect to receive it soon!

Ten of the best

A nice piece in The Guardian by Jude Rogers about her favourite PSB songs. Link below.

March to Parliament

March to Parliament

If you live in the London area and feel strongly about staying in Europe, this is happening on Saturday. More information at the link below. Neil x

Comic Relief

With Sara Cox at BBC Radio 2 as she finishes her amazing 24-hour 80s dance marathon for Comic Relief. Link to Comic Relief below.

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